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Therapeutic Consultation 

Therapeutic consultation service means professional consultation provided by members of psychology, social work, rehabilitation engineering, behavior analysis/consultation, speech-language pathology therapy, occupational therapy, psychiatry, psychiatric clinical nursing, therapeutic recreation, or physical therapy disciplines that are designed to assist individuals, parents, guardians, family members, and any other providers of support services with implementing the individual support plan. This service shall provide assessments, development of a therapeutic consultation support plan, and teaching in any of these designated specialty areas to assist family members, caregivers, and other providers in supporting the individual enrolled in the waiver. The individual's therapeutic consultation service support plan shall clearly reflect the individual's needs, as documented in the assessment information, for specialized consultation provided to family/caregivers and providers. Therapeutic consultation service shall be covered in the FIS and CL waivers. A therapeutic consultation service support plan is the report of recommendations resulting from a therapeutic consultation that is developed by the professional consultant after he spends time with the individual to determine the individual's needs in his area of expertise.

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