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Serving Patients Since 2022

ABAzing, LLC has served Over 20 families since our inception in 2020. We have a history of improving the lives of children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder through our family-centric applied behavior analysis (ABA) approach. Our mission is to provide those with autism and/or related DSM-5 diagnoses with the best of practice, and to make socially meaningful change in the lives of children and families we serve.

We do this by relying on the scientific evidence of Applied Behavior Analysis, listening to the priorities of our families, respecting the voices of our children, and showing compassion for individual(s) in need of care. Our treatment team receives extensive specialized training and strives to make learning fun, and natural for all children and families in need. The state we serve is locally managed by BCBAs, and RBT staff. Hampton, Virginia is home to our leadership team and administrative staff who assist with daily operations, including client services, human resources, talent acquisition, finance, revenue cycle management, quality assurance, compliance, professional development, and professional ethics.

Our Logo was chosen as a symbol of love, wonderment, and a spectrum of change. Together, the name and logo represent our common purpose and deep commitment to helping families create lasting change through individualized ABA therapy.

Kids in Preschool

ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based method used to improve or change specific behaviors. ABA therapy teaches children by breaking down complex tasks into small and discrete instructional steps. These small steps build on each other toward mastering a complex goal such as functional communication. ABA therapists use praise or favorite items to build on the child’s progress as they master these small steps.

Children affected by ASD often require ABA-based procedures such as prompting and reinforcement to successfully achieve their goals. ABA is also used to replace inappropriate behaviors with appropriate ones. Overall, ABA therapy has been effectively used to improve behaviors like social skills, reading, academics, and communication, as well as learned skills such as grooming, hygiene, fine motor dexterity, job proficiency, and even simple things like a child keeping their room clean.

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Therapeutic Consultation 

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ABA Facts

The diagnosing rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have increased 178% since 2000 and children are being diagnosed at younger ages. The research indicates the earlier a child starts to receive ABA treatment the better the outcomes. For these reasons, all states now have insurance mandates in place, and most states approve ABA treatment for children diagnosed with ASD between ages 1 and 3 years. However, the success of ABA treatment is not exclusive to young children. Children, adolescents, and adults also show significant gains that are attributed to ABA treatment. These ABA treatment services may occur in homes, schools, or clinics.

The focus of ABA treatment for young children (ages 1 to 8) tends to involve the development of essential skills needed to participate in the community within a comprehensive treatment to include functional communication, social skills, following directions, waiting, and replacement of maladaptive behaviors with appropriate ones. Adolescents focused treatment is centered on replacing challenging behavior with socially acceptable behavior as well as adaptive living skills and social skills.

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